How to Use Microsoft Ads Remarketing

How to Use Microsoft Ads Remarketing

Microsoft ads remarketing is a powerful tool. The objective is to get people who have shown interest in your product or service and show it to them again. Simple!

Who better to showcase your product or service to again than someone who has already shown genuine interest. Ultimately this keeps your ads relevant to online users. Your ad will become a better-targeted ad and results will become more efficient.

Sounds very sexy, right?!? Let’s dig deeper and find out how to put it all together.

Microsoft Ads Remarketing

Step 1: Add Your UET Tag

Make sure you have your UET (Universal Event Tracking) tag set up. Microsoft ads remarketing won’t be possible without this feature.

This tag needs to be added to your website once – it records what users do on your website. This is how Bing tracks data to collect conversions or to collect audiences which you can then remarket to.

Step 2: Create a Remarketing List

From the Share Library tab, click on audiences. Following this click on the button – Create Remarketing List.

You will be prompted through various easy to follow steps. These steps will allow you to precisely target who you want to remarket to.

These steps will be assigned to a UET tag. Essentially you are giving instructions to Bing to follow for any user that is tagged. Providing they hit your chosen parameters Bing will ad them to your list.

Step 3: Assign List to an Ad Group

This step is about taking what you have done so far and assigning it to one of your ad groups which makes the whole process relevant.

Click on Campaigns. Then click on the ad. Following this click on Create Association.

Once you assign the list to an ad group you will be met with two options:

Bid Only: This means that everyone that searching on your keywords can see your ad. But any adjustments you make will only apply to people on your remarketing list.

Target and Bid: This means that only people on your remarketing list will see the ad.

Step 4: Optimise Campaigns For List

Optimize your ads in one of three ways:

  • Adjust Bids
  • Customize ads
  • Broaden Keywords

Adjust Bids: Set bid adjustments in the Audiences tab under campaigns.

Customize Ads: Ads that would not have been so relevant before may become more relevant to a remarketing audience. You may create relevant ads based on the reasons they qualify for remarketing, helping you get your ads in front of them again.

Broaden Keywords: You want to consider broader keywords if it helps you get your ad in front of your remarketed audience. Keywords that may have seemed irrelevant before, will make more sense to a remarketed audience.

Microsoft ads remarketing can be a key tool to use through Bing to make better use of your budget and make your targeting stronger. As you use Bing more and more for your advertising your remarketing lists will grow and the data they provide can be leveraged effectively to help you achieve your goals.

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