How to Achieve Mediocrity in the Work Place

How to Achieve Mediocrity in the Work Place

Why would you want to achieve mediocrity in the workplace? Well, you don’t. But in many cases subconsciously we take precise steps to achieve that mediocracy. These steps are what we’re going to discuss today.

Together we’ll shine a light on these subconscious actions and make them conscious so that you can learn to avoid them and replace mediocrity with high performance.

Before continuing to read this article, please note this is not just for managers of teams, this article also applies to any worker that works with other people.

How you treat your fellow colleagues is how you nurture your own workplace environment.

Achieve Mediocrity in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Take People For Granted

Nothing demotivates your staff better than a high level of arrogance by their superior. After all they are all replaceable and as an arrogant manager, you should know they all know this.

Always assume they are just going to do their job without question and without fail. You shouldn’t waste any of your precious time coaching, training or supporting them in any way.

Step 2: Show No Appreciation

While you’re busy taking them for granted, remember them doing their job correctly is an absolute given. It should never be acknowledged or appreciated.

The lack of appreciation will cause them to put in the least amount of effort possible while ensuring they tick the box that says “Done”.

You don’t want your staff to get the silly idea that you appreciate the small things they do. After all, you’re waiting for them to revolutionize the company and make you a multi-millionaire. Save your appreciation for that special day.

“Appreciation is for wimps” let that be your mantra as you nurture your mediocre performers to dwell in a thankless career or nothingness.

Step 3: Treat Them Like Peasants

This is an important one. Take a note.

Always remember your staff are so lucky to not only have a job, but they are so damn lucky they work for you.

Do not let the lines of hierarchy become blurred at any point. You’re the king, you’re on top of the mountain, looking down upon the lowly peasants in the village.

Occasionally show your humanity by throwing them down a nod of approval or a suppressed smile. Be careful though nothing too dramatic, you don’t want them to confuse it with appreciation.

That may give them a glimmer of hope and that may create all sorts of problems, like increase willingness to work, inspire ambition and unlock initiative.

What if I Don’t Want Achieve Mediocrity?

If you don’t desire to cultivate a crop of low energy individuals I’m really happy you read this article.

There are so many strategies to inspire your staff, but if any of the above steps resonate with you, you can simply start by consciously and actively doing the exact opposite of the above three steps.

  • Don’t take your staff for granted
  • Show appreciation regularly
  • Treat them like equals

Will it revolutionise your company?

Maybe not, but it just might be the beginning of something great. You may even start building a team you’re proud of. You will give them purpose and in turn, they will give you purpose.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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