The Road to Launch my First YouTube ad. Day 1

The Road to Launch my First YouTube ad. Day 1

In this blog series, I discuss the trials and tribulations of going through the journey to launch my first YouTube ad. Maybe it will inspire your own journey.

Launching your first YouTube ad is probably easy if you don’t care about the results.

I doubt YouTube will have any problem taking your money and swallowing it up for you to never see it again.

However, I’m launching a YouTube ad for a very specific reason. I want to see a positive return on investment as part of a bigger business model to generate multiple sources of revenue.

The truth is you’re never going to get better at YouTube ads unless you spend money on Youtube ads.

With an estimated 1 out of 10 YouTube ads being unsuccessful, you are bound to lose money along the way.

However, as long as you keep on learning and growing your data, think of that lost money as an investment in your own skills and professional development.

YouTube Online Learning

Luckily in this process I’ve managed to listen to some fantastic webinars and take on online courses through SFM and Bulletproof YouTube Ads 3.0 by AdSkills.

These have been fantastic courses and they have thought me the technical set up that is needed to make sure you are able to fully track your YouTube ads, so that you can build the data up that will help you make better decisions when targeting your audience.

This is essential learning. If you don’t learn tracking prior to setting up a YouTube ad, you are literally throwing your money away. It’s all about the tracking.

Without tracking, what you are doing is not marketing it is guessing.

My First Step to Launch my First YouTube ad

The first thing I needed was a script. I need to to be able to tell my story so that I am relatable to the people I am targeting.

So this is where I started. My mentor gave me a template of bullet points for the structure of my script.

This I found was really useful and it followed the following points:


Taking all of the above into account I opened up a Word doc and start filling out each section.

The Primary Objective

My main objective throughout this entire process is to be genuine and have the integrity to tell the truth.

I don’t want people clicking on my ad unless they think what I’ve got to offer will genuinely help them and make their lives better.

I’m not looking to hook people and trick them into a quick sale. This ain’t no one night stand. I want a long term commitment. Only serious applicants need apply.

So while there is a tried and tested proven technique, my strategy is intertwined with being authentic with an intention to connect with people and help them.

I found that the more I wrote this ad script, the more I got into it.

The script ended up being about a thousand words, covering each part of the list I laid out above.

Conclusion of my First Draft

I’m happy with it for a first draft. The aim now is to refine it by aligning it with my customer avatar as much as possible. Then I’ll send it off to my mentor and get some real feedback on it. This will be followed by more refinement. The process will repeat until I am satisfied that I have taken it as far as I can.

After going through this process I’ll move on to the filming of it.

There’s still a bit to go to get it to that stage, so join me for Day 2 as we take this journey together and launch my first YouTube ad.

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