WRITE DRUNK EDIT SOBER – The Road to Launch my First YouTube ad – Day 5

WRITE DRUNK EDIT SOBER – The Road to Launch my First YouTube ad – Day 5

Welcome to the fifth day of this blog series – The Road to Launch my First YouTube ad. Today I took my notes from day 4 and restructured them in a Word doc to create a concrete plan.

Now the plan is clear I can march forward with confidence.

It’s always fun to brainstorm and put things down on paper. The creative juices flow and excitement is built up. It’s a beautiful part of the creative process.

But when it comes to handwritten notes off the cusp they leave a lot of detail out and that detail matters.

The Road to Launch my First YouTube ad

It kind of reminds me of this quote by Ernest Hemingway:

“write drunk edit sober”

Now I wasn’t drunk. Well ok, I was drinking, but I was not drunk. I had a single beer while creating the notes.

It was a good beer – la chouffe, vol. 8.5% – It’s my favorite beer. Makes all those commercial beers seem like weird water.

This quote comes to mind because when being creative, things like grammar, political correctness, spelling, technical details, and other restrictive notables can slow me down and stifle creativity.

I let myself get a little “relaxed” so to speak.

I want to be in a lucid, free-flowing state and yes that may lead to ridiculous ideas, but in that murky river of silliness and craziness resides 24-carat gold.

A History Rich in Creative Thinking

Ireland has a slew of poets, screenplay writers, and musicians who are strongly associated with liking the drink.

Then when we look at a more global stage, some of the greatest creatives on the planet have been highly influenced by drugs. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Beatles???

Now I’m not comparing myself to any of these greats. All I’m saying is the quote by Ernest Hemingway has some truth to it.

 Judge Not Lest ye be Judged – Matthew 7:1-3

I’m not a biblical man, but this quote from the bible has always resonated with me. Over the years I have adapted it to my own version – We become what we judge.

If you take that in a literal sense, you have not grasped it. But if you’re willing to dig a bit deeper, you’ll find the truth in that statement.

So, before you get all judgemental, if you’re drinking coffee you too are under the influence of drugs – caffeine.

A famous philosopher who is noted to have drunk up to 80 cups of coffee a day is Voltaire, most famous for his quote: “Common sense is not so common”.

Back to the Word Doc

Putting the notes into a Word Doc, helped me achieve a more systematic approach. This could then form part of a game plan to execute my strategy on a step by step basis.

I find breaking things into steps is a simple and effective way to get otherwise insurmountable workloads completed in the fastest possible time.

It seems like common sense to approach big tasks in this manner. But as we learned already from our friend Voltaire“Common sense is not so common”.

Armed with my trusty document by my side, it’s with confidence I march forwards into Day 6 of the road to launch my first YouTube ad.

Day 6 will be first video shoots. How exciting!

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