THE LANDING PAGE – The Road to Launch my First YouTube ad – Day 9

THE LANDING PAGE – The Road to Launch my First YouTube ad – Day 9

Welcome to day 9 of the road to launch my first YouTube ad. Today I focus on the landing page and the thank you page.

There is no sense in having an ad if it doesn’t lead people somewhere.

The YouTube ad is the first point of contact in what will be my sales funnel.

Here is the predicted sequences of events that will happen with my sales funnel:

Step 1. The user clicks the link on the YouTube ad

Step 2. This user than arrives at the landing page

Step 3. With the option to sign up presented to the user, their details are entered and submitted

Step 4. The user is redirected to my thank you page

Once all four steps have been completed that would then be considered a successful sales funnel.

Technically I haven’t sold anything, but the mission of my sales funnel is completed and the operation was succesful.

From Step 3. the user is emailed a sequence of free videos and that becomes another sales funnel to get them to commit and purchase the product in this case an online course.

The Landing Page

The landing page is perhaps the most important element of the funnel. Capturing that prospects email is a significant win.

It turns your prospect into a lead.

The lead can then be nurtured to become a client.

My landing page is broken into four primary elements:

Element 1: Sign up

I want the client to sign up straight away, but most likely the client will not. This is just the nature of the user.

Element 2: Gain credibility

Here I introduce myself and show people I am a real person. The aim of this is to build a connection with the potential lead

Element 3: Taking care of doubts

If someone has got down to element three, it is most likely they are having doubts about what I’m offering. This section is designed to take care of those doubts.

Element 4: Testimonials

This area is built to make the course more relatable to other potential leads so that they can feel more comfortable about their decision.

Are you ready to see my landing page?

Here it is: The Landing Page

What’s Next?

The Thank You Page

Once someone signs up, they are directed to the Thank you page.

This page is built to show some automated after care. It is also an opportunity to show I care and once again to show them I am a real person. Someone they can perhaps trust.

And here it is, my Thank you page:

And what’s next after this?

All my components are ready for my sales funnel, there is nothing else to do but to launch the ad.

Stay tuned for day 10 of The Road to Launch my First YouTube ad.

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