What the WILL SMITH Father Scene Teaches us About Business

What the WILL SMITH Father Scene Teaches us About Business

If you are a 90’s generation child like me, there is a good chance you’ll remember the Will Smith Father scene. Here’s the lesson I took from it.

For those of you that need a reminder the scene goes like this:

Will’s absent father (Lou) drifts back into his life. They spend heaps of quality time together, all climaxing in a promised father and son trip away together to make up for lost time.

The big day comes and Will’s father lets him down. Will Smith then delivers one of the most emotionally charged acting scenes of his life, to be comforted by his onscreen uncle and Will’s closest answer to a real father figure (Phillip Banks).

Will Smith Father Scene

If you don’t know or remember this scene well, please watch it below:

When did the Will Smith Father Scene Air?

This iconic, coming of age scene for Will Smith was aired on the 9 May 1994.

I’ve watched it many times and even to this day the scene still has an emotional impact on me.

Personally I cannot relate to what Will Smith is going through in this scene. I had a great father, who was always there for me and filled my life up with many happy memories and instilled in me excellent qualities to be a good man.

Why does this scene resonate with me?

However, this scene connects with me deeply because while I don’t know what type of father I’ll be, it teaches me exactly what type of father I will not be.

I also believe the lesson learned from this scene is highly transferable to the world of business and life in general.

Will Smith Father Scene (Lesson Learned)

Will’s father enjoys some beautiful fun times with Will. But this joyous time comes to end as Lou comes to crossroads. A decision must be made.

Will Lou rise above his insecurities, fears and whimsical ways and become the father Will has always yearned for or will he fall short and return to the path he has been down many times?

Why is this relevant to the world of business?

In business we often go through that period of enthusiasm and excitement. We get caught up in the idealism of it all.

But then reality arrives, a tough decision needs to be made. The environment squeezes the air out of our lungs and we are faced with an option to go through the discomfort or to return to the bosom of safety.

This moment puts us at the precipice of change.

It is the make or break moment for us in the development of our business.

Do we rise to the challenge and become who we need to become or do we return to our old selves and hide in the abyss of normality?

Not every time when we come to this crossroads will it be a momentous occasion. Sometimes we experience this moment at a much smaller scale.

So small that it may seem incidental to the point where we overlook the significance of it.

My Own Make or Break Moment

I remember when I started my first Facebook page. Yes, I was gaining some traction with activity, but I was still relatively small.

At this point, I was beginning to feel embarrassed about my endeavor. Surely everyone was laughing at me. Who the hell am I to think I can make a difference and be the voice of change. How silly of me.

In my head, everyone thought I was a fool. I felt embarrassed and ashamed of myself for even trying.

I don’t know what it was inside me, but something told me to keep going in that moment.

From that point I ended up growing the biggest social media page in the world for my chosen niche. I grew to a roaring 1.4 million followers, with zero budget.

I was outperforming all the big players in the industry trying to establish themselves on social media, who had full time people and budgets dedicated to their endeavours.

Upsetting the Status Quo

They got angry with me and belittled me on their platforms and this is when I knew I made a difference. The big players were paying attention to me. With all their money and power I was a threat to them. A thorn in their side.

I was doing everything they wanted to do but couldn’t, bringing the niche to the masses. I was making the topic relatable and exciting.

This all came about because I was prepared to go through the discomfort of being embarrassed in order to come out on the other side.

Let’s get back to the lesson

Business will bring you to this point over and over again and if you want to get ready for the monumental occasions, you must practice it in the smaller moments.

Recognize those moments when you have to step up in order to elevate your position. See the discomfort presented as an opportunity for growth.

Recognize this opportunity for a chance for you to change the story and become the father (parent) you know you can be.

Don’t be a Lou, be the Phillip Banks of your life.

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