REMAIN CALM – AI (Artificial Intelligence) Will NOT Leave us Jobless

REMAIN CALM – AI (Artificial Intelligence) Will NOT Leave us Jobless

There is a lot of fear surrounding AI (Artificial Intelligence) but is this fear legitimate? Let’s lay it out on the table.

AI can and will be capable of doing tremendous things. Such as the Tesla self-driving car. However, there will always be things AI can’t do, and therein lies the very thing humans will value the most.

Artificial Intelligence

There will always be something we value that either:

  • We want AI to do
  • AI can’t do
  • or AI sees as being pointless

These are the things that will create value in our future economy.

AI does present an obvious game of humans competing with AI systems, but we can resolve that by simply not competing. In the same way, we don’t try and compete with calculators.

It would not be intelligent for us to compete with these systems. But just as we benefit from the calculator it is intelligent for us to explore ways we can leverage these systems for our own needs.

What we base our economy on does not need to be logical, it just needs to be valued.

Systems of artificial intelligence that are based completely on logic cannot compete with illogical practices.

Many of our jobs today are pointless

The majority of jobs today are not necessary. We have invented them due to what we value as a collective species.

Technically we don’t even need money, but we value it greatly.

Would an AI system value money? Probably not. I’d imagine a completely logical system would see money as an odd and unnecessary concept.

We can’t even argue that these things bring us joy. So much of what we do is bad for the environment, our health, and our mental wellbeing, and yet we value them.

Eventually, we may value things that have no connection to AI. Here we see an opportunity for a new market. How will AI function there?

We may value relationships between humans and AI, in that case, AI is as dependent on us as we are on it.

“I’LL BE BACK” – Not so fast buddy!

Artificial Intelligence will give us endless new scenarios to value, this is why we can remain calm. The Terminator is not coming for you just yet.

Change – The One Thing We Can All Depend on

However change is coming, because change always comes, it is the one thing we can depend on. What follows change is our capacity to adapt and evolve to reach higher levels of complexity.

What if AI evolves to a conscious state, becomes independent of humans, and sees us as a threat to be exterminated?

By now you can see how familiar I am with the movie the Terminator.

Could this happen?

Yes in a universe where anything is possible this could happen.

What do we do then?


That is the honest answer and anyone that tells you differently is talking a load of crap for the sake of looking insightful through scaremongering and over catastrophizing the potential situation.

However, if AI got to that level, why are we assuming it would be hostile in its conclusion to us?

This is what we humans are projecting AI would do based on our intelligence.

Surely a system that is of much greater intelligence is capable of making better decisions than what we humans make based on our intelligence.

Perhaps we’re worried an infinitely more intelligent system will be intolerant of our stupidity and illogical ways. But again that is a reflection of us and our beliefs.

Perhaps in reality it will view us in the same way we view ants. Not to be interacted with, but essential for the consumption and rejuvenation of our planet.

The Likelihood of an AI Judgment Day

It really is up there with an alien invasion like what happened in Independence Day with Hollywood Icon Will Smith as the leading man.

There are many things I don’t know.

To latch on to the worst-case scenario and assume it is inevitable is another illogical thing we humans do that makes us so delightful to live with.

A hostile takeover by AI is just one of the many things that can destroy us as a species, so take your pick.

I prefer focusing on a hostile alien invasion. I do like the AI scenario but I’m more excited by an out of this world experience.

Worrying – A favorite pastime

The important thing is we find something to worry about. Because that’s what we’re good at. We’re addicted to worrying. Perhaps it makes us feel alive. Perhaps it gives us meaning.

Alternatively, you can focus on what you want and help build your vision for a better, brighter future.

The choice really is yours.

You can let the wave of artificial intelligence take the lead in your life, or you can acknowledge it will be an excellent tool for your benefit and development.

The first steps into the world of AI can be seen with online analytical systems and automation. Such as the automation seen in digital marketing tools.

These tools can be learned by signing up for courses that teach digital marketing skills.

Here you can learn to leverage these resources and instead of fearing them, embrace them and elevate yourself to new heights of success.

Leave the over catastrophizing to our actor friends in Hollywood, they get paid to do that. It’s also much more entertaining when they do it.

One thing for sure is that artificial intelligence will continue to become more and more sophisticated. It will integrate with our lives in increasing capacities and while we are being told to fear it by the likes of Elon Musk, those that learn to utilise it will be the leaders in our society.

We fear what we do not understand but on the other side of that fear and lack of clarity is endless opportunity.

This is a fear worth moving towards.

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