Work Less and Double Your PINTEREST Followers in the Next 30 Days

Work Less and Double Your PINTEREST Followers in the Next 30 Days

I’ve been using Pinterest for 2 months now. Here is how you can double your Pinterest followers in the next 30 days.

In my last article 10 Things I Learned After Using PINTEREST for 1 Month I talked about being a complete newbie to Pinterest. Mentioning all the techniques I learned and the results I gained after operating on Pinterest for 1 month.

My results were as follows:

  • 11,400+ monthly viewers
  • 101 link clicks

Fast forward another 30 days and my results are:

  • 33,300+ monthly viewers
  • 159 link clicks

Double Your PINTEREST Followers

How did I manage to get such dramatic increases in my stats?

As well as being consistent and publishing high quality posts. I found a new friend.

The new friend came in the form of an app called TailWind.

What is TailWind?

TailWind is an app that integrated with your web browser and your Pinterest page.

For me it carried out two primary functions:

  1. It made it really easy to post things to my boards via the Google Chrome extension. This meant if I had a good post on Facebook, I was sharing it without much effort at all directly to my Pinterest page.
  2. TailWind makes it super easy to create automated content loops. These loops systematically and periodically repost your posts to your boards. This increases the exposure of each Pin without you having to do much at all.

The thing is Pinterest thrives on repeat content.

Pinterest = Advertising

Think of it like advertising. Which is what Pinterest basically is. It is a cross between social media and advertising. Pinterest could not be more blatant about this.

Just like advertising, people need to be exposed to the same ad over and over again before making a decision.

Running your Pins in a loop gives you this ability. Increasing exposure, which in turn increasing all your other metrics.

In summary if you have a good Pinterest post, you can pretty much put in it in an endless loop of reposting.

A Dramatic Increase in Pinterest Followers

This effort dramatically increased my followers, which in turn increases my exposures, which increases the clicks on my posts.

The idea is that when this is scaled up by a process of rinse and repeat the likelihood of turning my audience into a paying one is greatly increased.

In my second month I also explored with a range of affiliate products, selling T-shirts via Spreadshirt and other items from other affiliate networks such as ClickBank.

People fill Pinterest up with affiliate products and make some serious cash from it.

The people who seem to win in this game are the ones who do it the longest and are the most consistent with it.

I am at the end of my second month.

For the third month, I do not have any new strategies planned. It really is a case of continuing on a daily basis and increasing those metrics which in turn will increase the likelihood of me utilising Pinterest as a selling platform.

TailWind certainly makes it possible to double your Pinterest followers. As you can increase the amount of times you post by 20 times without creating 20 times more content.

Will you double your Pinterest followers in the next 30 days?

Try TailWind and find out for yourself.

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