3 Ways The World Might End

3 Ways The World Might End

It’s inevitable the world will end. Here are three significantly likely ways the world will end based on current trajectories.

It’s not that I want the world to end, nor that I’m a negative person. It’s just that it WILL end. The world ending is inevitable and it makes for an interesting discussion.

It also affects every one of us.

Now, this topic has been covered by some of the great minds including Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, and even that former band member, turned scientist Brian Cox., to name but a few.

I’m not putting myself in the same bracket as these guys, but they all bounce around the same ideas and acknowledge that the world ending is indeed inevitable.

I’m Not Crazy, but you may be…

It’s not a crazy theory, it is going to happen. The HOW is just a technicality and the WHEN is just a matter of time.

Before I go into the top three, let me first rule out one popular choice.

Global Nuclear War

Could a global nuclear war destroy the planet? Yes, it could.

Is a global nuclear war likely? No, I do not think so.

Why not? Because nobody wins. The objective of war is to have an opposing force defeated, leaving another opposing force victorious.

If a global nuclear war was to happen, nobody would be left victorious and therefore it would be pointless.

Therefore there is a severe lack of motivation to have a nuclear war. Nobody would want it, because nobody can win. Nobody can even make money from that. There would be nothing left to control. There is nothing to gain from a global nuclear war.

As there is nothing to gain nobody could lead the world to such a frenzy because leadership requires a purpose and a global nuclear war, is without a purpose.

Try Winning a Game of Football in the Spirit of Nuclear War

You can’t win a football match by killing all the players, coaching staff, back-office and supporters, as well as destroying the ground on which you play on.

So global nuclear war, we’re safe, not likely to happen.

Here are 3 Ways the World Might End

1. Deadly Virus

Ok, we’ve all experienced firsthand, the impact of the mild, but somewhat deadly COVID-19 virus. This was like a movie that became a reality.

We saw how fast an entire virus can spread globally. This virus made many sick and also killed over 4 and half-million people worldwide (well depending on how you look at the numbers).

For this to be on the list, all we have to do is realize in most instances, the virus had a relatively mild impact on people. So it does not take such a stretch of the imagination to see that a more deadly virus with the same level of virality, could kill us all.

Will This Destroy the World or just Humans?

Now you might think you have me on a technicality here because I talked about the world ending and this virus only kills humanity.

However, without humans, so many disasters would happen, such as nuclear power plants exploding because they are not managed, to name just one. The world would basically burn to the ground. Would it revive? Possibly. Nature is good at that.

2. AI (Artificial Intelliegence)

We’ve all seen the Terminator movie – nice try James Cameron. The problem with the Terminator movie is that it’s way too predictable and linear in its thought process. Don’t get me wrong I love the franchise, and perhaps we wouldn’t even be talking about AI taking over if it was not for this movie.

However, AI will be much more subtle and it is much more subtle than human-like machines firing lasers at us. It’s more likely to appear on our phones, on the internet. It’s constantly learning about us, understanding us, observing our weaknesses, and playing to them.

The Advantage of Being the Terminator

The advantage AI has over humans is that humans are creatures of habit and patterns. This is why it’s easy for humans to get stuck when it comes to development.

AI however is designed to constantly test and run diagnostics millions of times per second. If this is independent of humans, we have no idea what the result will be. Therefore we have no way of controlling the unknown.

Humans: A problem to be solved

AI may present itself in a form that we are not evolved to deal with. We’d be very lucky if that form is human-like robots shooting lasers at us, at least then we could shoot back. It is to the advantage of AI that it takes on a form that is not physically present to us.

The biggest reason AI may end the world is that it is inevitable that it will see humans as irrelevant. our intelligence and feelings will mean nothing to Artificial Intelligence.

AI may see oxygen as a problem that needs to be solved.

The key to remember here is that humans and nature present constant challenges to be either resolved or eliminated.

AI may just come to the conclusion that mass extinction is the best solution. This is a solution that humans seem to be very much on board within this present day. Hopefully, AI will do better than that.

3. Ecological collapse

I remember as a young child being in the car in rural areas and seeing the windscreen full of splattered bugs that have had their last flutter due to the impact of the car.

Today, being in a car in the same rural areas does not result in such a scene. These creatures are disappearing by the billions, along with the bees. Higher and higher up the food chain, we go until we get to the humans.

While you may not be ecologically minded, all the success of humans to this date is based on the fact it rains and we have 6 inches of fertile topsoil.

If the rain becomes toxic and the topsoil becomes infertile, everything as we know it goes with it.

The Impact of Ecological Collapse

In an imbalanced ecological world, our days are considerably shortened and in the end will be a painful grueling death. Filled with wars for resources, rioting, diseases, and starvation.

Greta is trying to tell us, many people have for a long, long time. In the end our of the three I have listed, this is probably the one we deserve the most.

Completely self-inflicted and every single one of us knowingly contributes to it. We literally go out of our way to support the destruction of our ecology.

An Inevitable Problem with an Inevitable Solution

Somewhere in the back of our mind we probably think, science will take care of it. Not realizing that we are the problem and in order for science to take care of it, it has to take care of the bigger problem at hand “people”.

Science may take care of it, but you will most likely not appreciate the solution.

Could you imagine a world where politicians and scientists are telling us exactly what to do in order to solve a global problem?!?

So there are my top three ways, which the world will end.

There are many more popular theories circulating the internet looking at how the world will end. I named just three of them.

But it will end, this we know for certain.

So what can we do?

The most important thing we can do besides living more consciously and more sustainably is to colonize human life on other celestial bodies. First within our solar system, then within other solar systems, and then within other galaxies.

This is why the efforts to colonize the planet Mars are so important to our survival as a species.

The universe is confirmed by astronomers as being over 14 billion years old.

There is a chance that humans on planet earth are part of someone else’s backup plan.

Perhaps the mission, in this case, was not to preserve a species but instead to preserve the foundation of life.

Perhaps over the course of 14 billion years, a species such as humans evolved to the point whereby they realized that they are not more important than let’s say an ant, and the goal is to sustain life regardless of sustaining themselves.

Anyway, how do you think the world will inevitably end?

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