Where do we go After we Die?

Where do we go After we Die?

“Where do we go After we Die?” is an article that explores our existence after death.

A lot of people pose this question in the form of “Is there an afterlife?”.

The answer to this question is undoubtedly a resounding YES, THERE IS AN AFTERLIFE.

People fail to realize what they are in fact asking is if we will be conscious as we know it to experience it in a meaningful way.

To which the answer to that is “I don’t know”.

Nobody knows. Regardless of what you believe and what you’ve experienced, nobody knows.

So why would I say there is an afterlife?

Because science shows us that life is energy.

The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only changing from one form of energy to another.

But we’re more than energy. There’s a difference between you and a rock let’s say.

Therefore the fact we will exist in a different form of energy does not mean you as you consciously identify will also exist.

Where do we go After we Die?

Really we have to circle on what is you or what is this conscious expression that you know as being you.

This is where things get confusing.

We don’t know what consciousness is.

We can describe it and relate to it and turn it off, but we have no idea where it comes from or how to universally and agreeably define it.

For goodness sake, we can’t even define what a woman is, how on earth are we meant to successfully define consciousness?

We use this unknown factor (consciousness) as what defines us and separates us from inanimate objects.

Sure we talk about consciousness a lot and there are general definitions that we use, but all of these definitions do not hold up to scrutiny. By the same definition, we can argue that cells are conscious, atoms are conscious, and thoughts are conscious.

Assigning Beliefs

We just don’t know what it is but seem to assign beliefs to it that either something doesn’t happen after we die or something does happen after we die, both are equally absurd in the face of the truth which is we just don’t know.

Believing nothing happens after you die is as absurd as believing when you blow someone up you will be given 70 virgin wives in the afterlife. Both are equally baseless.

However, at least the 70 virgin idea is backed up by a book and a lot of people who really, really believed it was true. I mean damn those suicide bombers really have strong faith.

I do think the notion that nothing happens after you die is the strangest notion, even stranger than the 70 virgin brides.

The reason I think it is the strangest is because we are so limited in our understanding of the universe – like we don’t even know .00001 percent of what is.

Why on earth would we commit to an idea that is so limited and final?!?

With nothing whatsoever to validate us in this notion. It’s just a result of lazy thinking. It’s a lack of imagination. It’s also a severe lack of logic, how can something become nothing?

That sounds like a fecking magic trick and we know when the magician makes the rabbit disappear, that shit ain’t real.

If we commit to the idea of “we don’t know” where does that leave us?

It leaves us in wonderment, in a state of possibility whereby anything is potentially possible.

We are no longer bound by the laws of nature, no longer constrained by the limits of time and space, no more do we have the shackles of our body and all its bodily needs. No longer can we worry or experience the various torments of the mind.

Whatever we are, or wherever we are going, we are free into the unknown. We are boundless – part of all that ever was, is, and will be. Back to the source of eternal potential.

You are everything and nothing all at once.

You are once again the fabric of pure potential. With no needs or desires, just endless possibilities in a vast infinite ocean of silence and peace.

This is the power of venturing into the unknown, which is exactly where we go when we die.

You Are Free

We are free to be whatever we will be.

The possibilities are endless. One of those possibilities could potentially be 70 virgin wives. Like, I can’t say they’re wrong.

Experience Life After Death Now

You can experience this unknown while you are alive in this body.

There is a term called “finding the gap”. The gap is the space between your present thought and the next thought.

This can be experienced through meditation.

The gap is infinite, boundless and part of all that ever was is and ever will be.

There is a paradox.

You can’t isolate the gap, live in it, or even talk about it without losing it. Yet it is an experience. It is the unknown. It is eternally peaceful with endless potential.

Life as we know it is an illusion and so is life after death. Both are illusions.

The only reality is the unknown. The gap between this thought and the next. Between life and death, between here and there.

Don’t pollute it with your thoughts, your words, or your actions, simply be it.

From the unknown, you come and to the unknown, you will go.

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