Why Do People Hate Jordon Peterson?

Why Do People Hate Jordon Peterson?

Why Do People Hate Jordon Peterson? is an article that looks at the polarizing effect of clinical psychologist and online sensation Jordon Peterson.

This article does not set out to defend Mr. Peterson or condone how he conducts himself. Instead, it highlights my suspicions about this influential man.

Jordon from a professional standpoint takes on the position of a professor and a doctor of clinical psychology. Jordan is also a successful published author – Check out his book – 12 Rules for Life.

Typically clinical psychologists are geared toward helping us solve our problems.

So how is it someone whose job it is to help us have so many haters?

Dr. Peterson’s meteoric rise to media fame came when he was caught in a debate with students about gender identity and the use of pronouns.

He simply would not back down from an onslaught of students condemning him for the position he took on the matter.

Simply put Jordan refused to be forced to use pronouns that differed from the biological pronouns assigned at birth for individuals.

Why Do People Hate Jordon Peterson?

This is not to say that he would not address people as they wished but simply that if he did it would be out of his own free will and desire to be respectful to them.

People really had a major problem with this and his refusal to back down is really what launched him into the stratosphere of media stardom.

Now you only have to listen to Jordan for 30 seconds to appreciate that he is well-versed and educated on the subjects he talks about. It’s very clear he is a credible source of intellect and is a man of strong character.

On top of this, he’s also someone who is very respectful and listens carefully to those opposing him.

So again we find ourselves at the question of why people hate Jordon Peterson.

Is it not ok to have a different opinion, to agree to disagree?

People despise the fact Jordon won’t conform to their social demands.

However, this doesn’t really get to the crux of why so many people hate Jordan Peterson.

To understand why so many people miss label him in derogatory ways and condemn him at every possible turn is really down to two primary positions, one held by those condemning him and the other held by Jordan himself.

Let’s look at the first one.


Dr. Peterson holds the position that you can make your life better. Furthermore, there are very simple and effective things you can do right now in this moment to make your life better.

Taking the necessary actions may lead to the momentum you require to turn your life around and live a better life.

This position seems harmless and yet it drives people bonkers.

The very notion that people’s problems are ideas that are not as complex or as unique as they believe is enough to send someone over the edge. Making them become hostile and angry.

This happens because Jordan is taking away the blanket of being a victim away from so many people.

One thing about blankets and being a victim is that they have their purpose. They give us comfort, they abstain us from taking responsibility, accountability, and action to make things better.

Being a victim in the short term may be unavoidable but being a victim in the long term becomes very convenient and a personal choice.

Being a victim in the long term means you believe that your problems can only be solved if the environment and the behavior of those around you conform with how you think things should be.

This never happens and so the victim is comforted by the fact that their own problems are not their fault. They are simply a case of life being unfair, and of course, there is nothing they can do about it.

Jordan is saying that this mentality is a load of bollox.

Now Dr. Pererson goes further to justify his stance in very articulate and credible ways.

This method of Jordan’s is very frustrating for those who oppose him because they have no legitimate logical defense or attack to counter him.

They want their blanket of comfort. Jordan repeatedly uses logical and well-constructed arguments that show up their blanket for what it is.

It’s like taking candy from a baby. The baby does not like it, but it’s for the baby’s own good.

Jordan is taking on the role of being a good father to what appears to be children with messed-up values.

So to sum up position number 1 – people don’t like it when you take away their blanket.

Now let’s take a look at position number 2.


Dr. Peterson is clearly an intelligent man. He doesn’t rest on his laurels. Vigorously keeping himself updated by continually researching topics and engaging with other great minds to challenge himself and to help him reach a deeper understanding of what concerns him.

It is obvious to me that if Jordan wanted to put on the kiddy gloves and sugarcoat what he understands of the world then he could easily do this.

However, he chooses not to. Instead preferring to deliver things in a very black and white matter-of-fact type of way.

Jordan is undoubtedly intelligent enough and self-aware enough to know that this type of demeanor is enough to brush people up the wrong way, yet he doesn’t seem to care at all.

It’s this lack of caring and sensitivity that makes him come across as an asshole.

Based on this perceiving Jordan Peterson as a bit of an asshole is a legitimate perception.

He knows he could communicate in a kinder, more considerate way. However, he chooses to be blunt and cold in his delivery.

He’s uncompromising and sharp in his execution.

I agree with many things he says but it’s very evident to me why people hate him.

It’s partly because of what he is saying but mostly because of how he says it.

Even if you can admit he’s right, it’s his carelessness with his attitude when it comes to his delivery that brushes people up the wrong way.

Now does Jordan owe the world a kind, soft gooey centered delivery? Should he care at all about how people perceive him?

Perhaps not. However, the consequence of his not caring is that people hate him, collectively and globally.

Now I believe Jordan knows full well he is brushing people up the wrong way. The truth is it works for him immensely well. It dramatically increases his public profile.

He has what I refer to as “The Conor McGregor Factor”.

Allow me to explain – People who love him talk about him and people who hate him talk about him. In a way, it all contributes to his ultimate success. This is the power of being a polarising public figure.

In terms of his success, the last thing Jordan would want is not to be a polarising figure. If people stop talking about him good or bad, he goes back to the prelims of being a university lecturer.

Mr. Peterson is not only aware of the bristling effect he has on people, but he also craves it and enflames it. He’s playing the role perfectly well. This character of his leads to people hating him. This is exactly what keeps him relevant in the eyes of the public.

Many people hate Jordan Peterson because that is exactly what he wants. His haters are the secret to his success.

I can imagine both JP and Conor McGregor saying cheers to each other over a shot of Proper 12. Laughing and basking in the light of their own success and glory.

To both of them, I say, “well played, well-played gentlemen”.

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