Review of the Jordan Peterson and Benjamin Netanyahu Interview

Review of the Jordan Peterson and Benjamin Netanyahu Interview

The review of the Jordan Peterson and Benjamin Netanyahu interview is a piece that highlights my critical outlook on how it turned out.

This interview is something that I dreamed would happen. Amazingly it came to fruition. I found out two weeks later after the event took place.

I couldn’t wait to see it and I had high hopes for what could be.

First of all, I feel it’s important to highlight that I am a fan of Jordan Peterson – I’ve read his book – 12 Rules for Life and I’ve published two articles on my blog inspired by him:

As well as this I love watching him on YouTube and observing how he responds on TV Network interviews.

The man is a shark, an intellectual powerhouse that won’t take anyone’s bullshit.

As for Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi), it’s a little different.

I should add that I’ve lived in Israel, Tel Aviv for 8 years of my life and I was enthralled by political debates and activities in the region while I lived there.

Am I a fan of Bibi?

Yes, I am, I’m a fan of how he conducts himself, and his charisma, knowledge, and his incredible ability for public speaking.

I understand he has perhaps more haters than fans around the world and I totally understand where the haters are coming from.

His stance on the people of the West Bank and of the Gaza strip is unacceptable. But honestly, I believe Bibi himself would say it’s unacceptable. He is however doing what he feels necessary to govern the state of Israel.

Bibi has to make decisions that I’m sure are extremely hard for him and of course incredibly unpopular by the global standard of fairness.

I’d be surprised if there was somebody who could manage the situation better while also sustaining Israel as a Jewish state.

I have no doubt many people could manage the situation better while getting rid of Israel as a Jewish state but obviously Bibi is never going to do that. It’s also highly illogical to expect him to manage that situation in this way.

Review of the Jordan Peterson and Benjamin Netanyahu Interview

Now back to the interview

I was so excited about this interview. I was excited as if Conor McGregor was fighting in the UFC to be the world champion again.

What I hoped for the interview was that Dr. Peterson would challenge him and put him on the spot. I wanted to see Bibi tested, squirming for the right words and being forced to think creatively to come up with adequate answers.

Unfortunatly what we got was an extremely tame, polite, and docile version of Jordan Peterson. Spoon-feeding Bibi a host of questions that allowed him to show himself in a glorifying light.

It was so pathetic and sad to see Jordan reduced to a stand-in journalist intern, that was effectively doing exactly what he was told to do.

Meanwhile, Bibi had perfectly well-constructed answers which were articulate, predictable and perhaps even rehearsed, dare I say it.

An Opportunity

The interview was such a wasted opportunity. But even worse than that, the interview came across as borderline propaganda, which Jordan allowed his good name to be used to enable it.

The whole thing reeked of being set up by a PR professional. Bibi had all the camera angles, professional lighting, and perfect surroundings to highlight how powerful and impressive he is, “going up against” one of the world’s great minds in a one-on-one interview – Dr. Jordan Peterson.

What a bloody shambles. An absolute farce to make Bibi look great and Jordan look like he can easily be handled by this wonderful political giant.

It was so bad I felt like they both deserved a slap in the face.

Even the most pro-Benjamin Netanyahu fan would look at this and shake their head in dismay.

Propaganda is the word I would use to describe this interview and I cannot believe Jordan lent himself to it.

How it Was Conducted

Jordan had so many angles to conduct this interview. Instead, he conducted the interview like he was a humble student and Bibi was the almighty teacher.

It was sad to see two strong influential men, come across as weak and fake.

Why didn’t Jordan Peterson challenge Bibi on the ethics of his decisions? How come he didn’t challenge him intellectually from a psychological point of view?

He didn’t push him in any way. There was no attempt to get to any truth.

The entire interview was about Jordan listening, agreeing, and enabling Bibi for over an hour.

The way Jordan conducted himself was almost flawless to those who are living under a rock and have never heard of him before. However, for those who know of Jordan all we could see were flaws in this interview.

Similar can be said about Bibi, for those who don’t know of him, he appeared professional, eloquent, and credible. For those that do know of him, he came across as predictable, rehearsed, and a political cliche.

Neither Jordan or Bibi gained anything from this interview.

Nobody gained anything from this interview, the whole thing looked staged and rehearsed with a pretty much nonexistent level of entertainment.

From the entire interview, I can’t even highlight one sentence spoken that would be somewhat credible or noteworthy.

Absolutely nothing in that interview merits me quoting it and analyzing it. It was pure drivel. Bibi was reduced to a fool and Peterson was reduced to a weak man.

If you haven’t watched the interview yet, please don’t feel like you have missed out, because you haven’t, not at all.

What was the purpose of this interview?

Perhaps the purpose was to disappoint millions of people across the world. If that is the case then it was a roaring success.

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