Which Came First the Chicken of the Egg?

Which Came First the Chicken of the Egg?

This funny philosophical question is as old as time. But honestly, I think it can be answered easily and logically.

I remember the first time I answered this question, it was when the social network Bebo was a thing. People could ask questions and anybody could randomly answer them.

I answered the question posed by someone – Which Came First the Chicken or the Egg?

I don’t believe they expected to get a real answer, as I remember most people were just flippantly saying one or the other like they were casting a vote.

I thought about it and put some real effort into it.

Bebo ceased to exist and while I was very happy with the answer I could never retrieve it.

Recently decades later this question popped back into my head and I was reminded of the answer I gave on Bebo. I can’t remember a word of it, except I do remember the ultimate answer.

The answer to the question is – The Chicken – the chicken came first, then the egg.

Allow me to explain:

First of all, there is no chicken and egg scenario because the chicken had to evolve to start the whole cycle of the egg situation long before it was a chicken.

So we go back gradually, the chicken was a lizard, the lizard was a fish, the fish was a single-celled organism, the single-celled organism was more like a plant of fungi, and back and back and back until we go all the way back to stardust.

So the chicken and egg scenario did not start with a chicken and egg, it eventually became this.

Really the question is not which came first the chicken or the egg but which part of the process came first, that which represents the egg or that which represents the chicken.

So to make life simple, we’ll just ask the question as stated, which came first the chicken or the egg?

The egg is a physiological response of the “body” to stress. Stress being an outward stimulation from the environment.

Much like the way, the human body produces kidney stones, gallbladder stones, or even a tumor. The human body creates things that were once not there due to stress.

The same thing happened to the chicken (or that which represents a chicken) – stress produced the necessity for an adaptation in order for the survival of the species. In this case, the adaptation was not negative like a kidney stone but positive in that it aided the reproductive cycle, however, I’m sure when the first egg was produced the poor chicken probably thought it was dying.

It’s this simple, the egg over a significant period of time was produced by stress put upon the chicken (or that which represents the chicken in this scenario).

We’ll never be able to pinpoint where along the evolutionary process the process started to divide the species but at some point most likely in a more simple lifeform the reproductive cycle of a species was aided by a process that happened outside of the body. This kept on happening until we got what we know today as an egg.

The egg requires a chicken, the chicken (or that which represents a chicken) at some point in its evolution did not require an egg but stress made it so.

Can I prove this? No, I can’t, but it’s logical. While on the other hand the idea of an egg just appearing and producing a chicken, is not logical.