Who is Scott D Renwick?

Who is Scott D Renwick?

Hi, I’m Scott D Renwick.

I’m a father to triplets (Logan, Alexander and Elizabeth), a director of SAS Landscapes Ltd., and fiancé to Monica Delfino. I love to share my thoughts about life, business and the whole weirdness of what we refer to as reality.

My aim in life is to be useful, effective and honest in all things that I do.

The greatest truth in life I’ve come across is that we don’t know anything.

This truth is a reason to wonder, explore and to continuously discover.

We truly get lost when we think we know reality.

The closest we get to knowing reality is to ask ourselves this very simple question: “Does this work?”. If Yes then you may be on to something, if no then stop doing that.

My mission in life is to be a good provider and protector to my family and friends. I achieve this by demanding more from myself, raising my standards and following through.

We live in a world where men struggle to be good men, settling instead for being deemed as a nice guy instead.

Nice guys are weak men. Weak men are dangerous. Weak men lie. A nice guy needs to be liked at any cost. A nice guy will always try and give you answer just to please you. A good man is a force to be reckoned with. A good man must be brave when he is afraid, work when he doesn’t want to and provide no matter what. A good man couldn’t care less if you like him or not. If a good man doesn’t have an answer for you, he’ll have the balls to say “I don’t know”.

A good man takes out the thrash. A nice guy will give directions when he hasn’t got a clue.

In a world full of nice guys, be a good man.

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