Who is Scott D Renwick?

Who is Scott D Renwick?

Hi, I’m Scott D Renwick – Digital Marketing Coach.

I was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1984. I come from a big Irish family. I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve lived abroad for many years and came back to Dublin to live in 2017.

Scott D. Renwick

My journey started for creating an online business about 10 years ago. In the beginning, I didn’t even know that was what I was doing. It all started with a Facebook page that kind of got out of control in terms of its growth, which ended up with me thinking, hey perhaps this could be a business.

From there I started relentlessly attempting to monetize my audience. I got mixed results for about 5 years, not really understanding what I was doing wrong. The fact was I trying to figure out everything by myself. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I had a lot of great qualities to pursue my ambition. However, I lacked awareness in the things that were holding me back.

What Was That Business?

For those who are interested, my website was centered around the niche of landscape architecture. I successfully published 1000’s of articles and educational resources in the form of PDFs and Videos.

At its peak, it had over 1 million followers and 500,000+ visitors per month to the website. I was basically sitting on a gold mine but I did not know how to dig. All the time thinking that I was digging. But really just scratching the surface.

What Happened?

Long story short, I ended up selling my website to a competitor for a fee that certainly was not a reflection of its potential, but a fee I was happy to take it and cut my losses.

What I did learn in this endeavor was self-thought online marketing skills, more specifically, audience building. This was something I confused with marketing skills. They are certainly not the same thing!

However, I thought they were and start pushing those skills on companies stating I could offer them these abilities.

This had some positive results but ultimately it led to me growing significantly with one client and committing myself to them full time in an online position that had nothing to do with marketing. Not in the traditional sense anyway – this is in the sector of short term rentals.

As Well as That….

I started up a food tour company in my local city of Dublin, Ireland. This is a whole other story, but again to cut a long story short, my partner and I worked our assess off and did everything that we thought was right. We had great publicity. Featuring on radio, TV, national newspapers, international magazines, some of Dublin’s most visited websites and in the end it wasn’t enough.

What did we do? We blamed the market – too small – just not realizing that we didn’t know what we didn’t know.

My Life in Review

I went from landscape architecture to the short-term rental industry and food tours all the time sharing the common theme of entrepreneurship.

This really is my true passion and which led me to pursue the world of digital marketing.

Next Steps

The one thing I hate about digital marketing is that they didn’t come into my life 10 years ago, but of course, in hindsight, I wouldn’t have been ready for them.

It’s because of the past experiences that I can see first-hand the value of the digital marketing. I can finally see what I couldn’t see all those years ago and I can see the true value in the resources they offer.

The problem I felt I had in my life was not that I don’t like my current situation, it’s that I want to protect it and grow it because I do like it. And with those intentions, I understand that it’s irresponsible of me to stay still. It’s irresponsible of me to depend on one source of income. It’s irresponsible of me to become complacent with how things are.

Why Digital Marketing?

I can also see first-hand how mastering digital marketing will help me with my current business and help me with any other business ideas I want to explore – therefore I see this skillset as an enabler of dreams.

The world of digital marketing opened me up to a great educational platform, an incredible support structure. As well as the opportunity to create a business and gave me a gateway to achieve time, financial and geographic freedom.

I now have the skillset to help people I care about in their businesses. I can advise them in helping them get ahead and break the persistent reality that is trading time for money and showing them instead, how to leverage resources for financial gain.

Why Do I Do it?

Without going into too much detail, I know what it feels like to feel insignificant and like I don’t belong. It’s because of this empathy I devote my intentions to showing people that they matter, that they are significant and that they belong in this world, exactly as they are.

There are lots of ways to do that, but none of which fit as well as the world of digital marketing. A vehicle that allows me to connect with people of all walks of life.

If you feel you want more from your professional life. If you yearn for connection and new energy or have a problem your struggling to deal with by yourself and are ready to learn, to change and to grow, then maybe we could be a good fit for each other.

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