Are You Committing Business Masturbation?

Are You Committing Business Masturbation?

A lot of us know how to stay busy. Often confusing being busy with being productive or even worse being important. This is what I call business masturbation. The art of self-satisfaction for one’s own momentary sense of self-worth.

Many of us could do a lot less and get a lot more done.

Any of us can do a million different things, pulling us in many different directions. The result, we get nowhere fast. However we’re busy, feel important and we have an excellent distraction from the sudden realisation that we’re not making any progress whatsoever.

Business Masturbation

Ultimately we’re no closer to achieving our goal than we were one or two years ago. Basically we haven’t moved and we somehow justify it in the light of “gaining experience” or “making connections” or “getting things done”.

We know deep down, we’re going nowhere.

I’m talking from experience. I spent 7 years of my life dedicated, working hard, and being fully committed to making a past online business of mine a financial success.

When Hard Work Isn’t Enough

I worked 365 days a year for 7 years on this project. Nobody can say I didn’t work hard. I sacrificed everything to make this work.

It’s only now years later, I can look back and admit, that I was practicing business masturbation.

Sure I got some results and I did have a happy ending – Selling the website. But I know looking back and knowing what I know now, what I had was potentially worth so much more.

A spent most of my time on activity that was not geared at producing more money.

Pumping Out Results And Getting Nowhere

I produced tons of incredible content. Compelling articles that went viral. High-quality ebooks packed with value, audience engagement projects that were really successful, a massive social media following with a highly active audience.

During this time I managed and coached a team of over 60 volunteers all dedicated to the mission of the business, dedicated, and working consistently and proudly.

My fingers were in lots of pies, making connections with global organizations and collaborating with some of the biggest influencers in the world in my chosen niche.

Getting Noticed For All The Right Reasons

I was outperforming recognized established organizations with significant budgets. They could only dream of achieving the social status I generated. Nobody could touch me, I was flying.

While I was on top of my game 24/7 I just didn’t realize I was playing the wrong game. I was playing a game that resulted in me making very little money.

How it Looked Versus Reality

On the front, I looked like a huge mega-success, but in reality, I could barely make a living out of what I was doing and this lasted 7 years.

You just get addicted to the feeling of doing something. Even though what you are doing doesn’t really get you anywhere.

Staying busy is the illusion of progress.

Because I’ve experienced it first hand, now when I see it, it’s so obvious to me.

Avoiding This Pitfall

The truth is most of us know when we are being busy and not productive. The first step is to be honest with yourself.

This can often hit you very hard with the result of you feeling somewhat depressed. Coming to the realization that all your hard work was for very very little.

You’re going to have to pick yourself up after this and regain your confidence. It’s not an easy pill to swallow. Some people spend their entire lives being busy without even touching on their potential to make progress.

The second thing is to ask yourself this very important qouestion:

Is this a money producing activity?

Now I know you’re going to reply to this straight away and say not everything is about money, even in business, certainly I would agree not everything is about money.

However, if every time you ask yourself that question, the answer is “No”, you can be sure that you are committing business masturbation.

And if the answer is “yes” it shouldn’t be “yes” in a wishy washy type of way. It should be yes in a very direct and obvious way. You should understand directly how your current activity ultimately ends in you making money.

It should be trackable and measurable.

Business Masturbation in All its Glory

Don’t get lost on stupid details, like the font of your business card. Have you spent a day perfecting your email signature? Perhaps you’re spending a week on a blog post nobody’s going to read, the same goes for making videos. I swear some people polish their computer screens to make their website look better.

You don’t need me to tell you. You know full well when the answer is “Yes”and when the answer is “No”. This question is about you being brutally honest with yourself.

Switching Your Attention is a Paradigm Shift

You’ll find if you switch your attention to money producing activities as apposed to business masturbation, you’ll feel a lot more fullfilled in your work.

Not only this, but you’ll stop wasting so much of your precious time. You’ll instead use that time to do more of the things you love.

Prioritise Money Producing Activity

If you want to cut back on business masturbation or eliminate it completely, priortise money producing activity.

At the end of the day, for your business to succeed it needs to be sustainable. In this economy that means making money.

Making money may not be the purpose of your business, but it’s certainly a function. Without this function, it really doesn’t matter what your purpose is, you won’t be able to fulfill it.

Cut The Crap

Cut the crap, get real, and make progress. Get honest with yourself. Pull your hand out of your pants and take the damn wheel. It’s time to drive.

Listen I spent 7 years pushing in the wrong direction(s). Do yourself a favor, don’t do that. Give yourself a 7-year head start.

Doesn’t Hard Work Equal Success?

If you’re going in the wrong direction, it really doesn’t matter how hard you work, how consistant you are, how dedicated you are, or how much you want it.

The world doesn’t owe you anything. If you’re not ready to learn the game, the game will eat you up, swallow you whole and shit you out.

You can visualize your dreams all you want. You can believe in yourself more than anyone.

At the end of the day, a poor strategy leads to poor results. Like attracts like. Some people would call that the law of attraction. Today I call it common sense.

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