The Coronavirus: The Business Opportunity of The Decade

The Coronavirus: The Business Opportunity of The Decade

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit us on a global scale. Everyone is panicked about the economy. Can you imagine if this is the business opportunity you’ve been waiting for?

Have you ever noticed that people often succeed by thinking differently than the majority?

Why is that? Well, the thing about the majority is that if everyone is doing something, it makes everyone equal. If we’re all equal, we can’t actually get ahead. Doing what everyone else is doing, means you’ll get the results everyone else is getting.

Business Opportunity

You may not know it yet but in the next few minutes, you will learn why the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the business opportunity of the decade.

We already know behaving like everyone else will not get us different results. If the majority of people are panicked about the Coronavirus, what does that suggest?

It suggests that you need to think in the opposite way. However, taking any position by default is a risky business.

So, what I’m suggesting is that when you see the majority think one way, take a moment to consider the opposite perspective. Following this, you will be in a better place to make a conscious decision.

Buzzword City

The infamous buzzwords have been circulating throughout the media:

  • Recession
  • Depression
  • Global Economic Restructuring
  • Unemployment
  • Bank freeze
  • Rental freeze

People are preparing for the worst and this is the default position the global majority have.

Where’s The Opportunity?

The world is still full of money. The issue is that the circulation has become disrupted. The solution is not to create more money but to repurpose current circulation methods and innovate and build new ones alongside them.

Your job is to understand what has value. But to do that, first, you must learn to let go of what HAD value. Because what had value may no longer be relevant and therefore no longer valuable. If that’s the case your definition of what is valuable needs to change.

This is your opportunity, finding what has value in the current climate. Guys, this is not new. Throughout history values of products, services and even entire industries have both lost and gained value. Meaning what is of value today, may not be of value tomorrow.

Global Pandemic

The current global pandemic puts the world in a state of panic because it’s not happening bit by bit over time. Instead, it’s happening to many industries all at once and this frightens the hell out of us.

Rest assured we’ve seen it all before and have gone through it all before. Perhaps not at this scale, but the scale is of little importance as it is outside of our control.

No matter what the economic climate, people will always value something. Therein lies the opportunity. Your job is to assess and understand that value. Look at what is preventing people from getting that value and there’s your business idea.

Who Needs an Office?

One thing that has become very apparent is people’s realization that they don’t even need the office space to do their jobs. For many, this period represents the first time ever that they got the opportunity to work from home.

This shift in thinking will encourage people to value the concept of working from home.

Why would they value that?

  • No travel time
  • Home comforts
  • Less annoying people
  • A sense of freedom

More than ever before there is a great business opportunity to capitalize on people who want to work from home.

You now have a world of opportunity to connect people to the resources that will enable them to work from home successfully.

This can lead you to create educational resources online, giving them the skills they need to make sure their endeavor works.

There are all sorts of software programs online that will facilitate them in their bid to successfully work from home. Measuring tools, analytical tools, time management tools, team delegation software, design software, financial software and so on.

There are endless ways these can be thought, delivered, and presented that will bring them added value.

Necessity is The Mother of Invention

I’m just brainstorming with you here, but you get the idea. There is still so much opportunity. You just need to learn how to align people’s new values with your new business opportunity.

As long as you understand what people value, you will always be able to offer a service or product that brings them value no matter what crisis the world is going through.

It’s the current climate that makes me super excited about online learning and online business. This is going to be a golden era for businesses like this.

If you’d like to learn about the business opportunity of online learning and at the same time build your own online business, then please do yourself a favor and check out the FREE video series dedicated to the topic.

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