How to Use The Microsoft Ads Competition Tab

How to Use The Microsoft Ads Competition Tab

Microsoft ads competition tab is a tool on Microsoft/Bing ads. It will help you understand where you stand among your competition and what action to take.

Staying competitive is key to your performance and will ensure your ads get seen so you can gain the data to achieve your marketing goals.

Microsoft Ads Competition Tab

Gaining success in the world of ads is all about how your stack up against the competition. With the Microsoft Ads Competition Tab you can see how you are positioned and take action to improve.

The competition tab is on your campaign page. The first thing you’ll see is a graph comparing you to your competitors. You can compare them over time or in the summary review.

You can segment the data in various ways:

  • Time
  • Device Type

You can filter the data in various ways. You can look at key metrics that are important to you and how you want to compete to positions yourself in the market based on your marketing goals and objectives.

Play around with the various filters and discover what is important to you in terms of your goals.

What do You Need to do to Enhance Your Performance?

You have a tab called Recommendations. Click it. This will give you a list of automatically generated tips on how to enhance your ads performance.

Please note that these are automatically generated and often result in your spending more of your budget faster.


Don’t fall into the trap of believing all these recommendations are good for your campaign. At the end of the day Microsoft ads want you to spend as much money as possible, they are a business after all.

This is where trial and error comes into play. You’ll have to run many scenarios before you know what tips to pay attention to and what tips to ignore.

Bing, Bang, BOOM Top Tip

Be careful with recommendations. Do not make lots of changes at once. If you do you will never really know what worked. Make one or two changes. Gauge the performance.

If the performance was enhanced cool, if not undo the change and bring it back a few steps.

This is the dance you are in on a daily basis.

I can’t overstate this enough: I can show you what to do and how to do it, but only you can find out what works. Guys this is the golden rule. You are responsible for your ads performance.

Don’t take a poor performing ad as defeat, learn, adapt, and move on. Ultimately it’s the failures that will lead you to become a Bing master.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the Microsofts Ads Competition Tab.

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