90 Day Video Journey for SFM Members – 10 Insights!

90 Day Video Journey for SFM Members – 10 Insights!

I reluctantly took part in the 90 Day Video Journey for SFM members. I didn’t want to take part. It wasn’t for me. I’ve never been more wrong in my life.

Never have I published video content like this in my life. I’ve never wanted to be a YouTuber. It’s not how I saw myself. And what the hell does this have to do with digital marketing anyway?

It turns out EVERYTHING!

My referral partner Ross MacFarlane encouraged me to do it. So I took the plunge and went for it.

Here’s a sample of one of these videos:

Here are 10 insights I gained from publishing 90 videos in a row – 1 a day, everyday for 90 consecutive days.

90 Day Video Journey for SFM Members

1. Incredible Way to Communicate With Yourself

The more I made videos the more I found myself listening to them over and over again. Listening to my own advice and insights. Almost like I was hearing them from a perfect stranger. I began to realize the person I was making my videos for was me. I became my own teacher and student.

2. Powerful Way to Have Impact

We all try and put our voice out there in one way or another. Often our voice is presented in a passive way. By something, we share on our Facebook page. The way we dress, the decisions we make.

We’re communicating our message all the time, regardless of whether we want to or not.

Most of the time our message is not communicated effectively. This leaves us frustrated and often lonely in this world.

Giving yourself a video platform, forces you to organize your thoughts and communicate in a very direct way. This in practice is liberating.

3. The Critic You Never Knew You Needed

In order to provide constructive criticism you need to become the observer. Getting yourself on camera is such an affective way to observe yourself. It allows you to take a step outside. This positions you in a much more beneficial way to give yourself advice and guidance.

The amazing thing about this, is that the advice and guidance is coming from someone who truly has your best interests at heart. Priceless!

4. If You Take a Chance You’ll be Surprised Who Supports You

One of the things holding people back from creating video content is that they are afraid. This fear manifests in many forms. Embarrassment, inadequacy, insecurity and so on.

We often tell ourselves we’re not good enough to even start. People will laugh at us. The thoughts conjure up in our heads as we imagine what they will say about us. We hear the criticism before there is even anything to criticize.

Then you take the plunge and make the first video. You publish it. Your friends, colleagues, and family begin to notice.

You find they support you. They reconnect with you. You realize how precious these people are in your life.

5. Your Ego Will be Revealed and This is How You’ll Grow

When I start posting videos, some of those videos got likes and comments. I thought this was nice. However when I posted something and nobody liked what I published, the ego presented itself.

I was desperately searching for validation. Craving their approval. I dismissed myself, I became judgemental, paranoid even.

The growth comes when you catch yourself in these moments. You observe the fact that this is the ego speaking to you. It is not reality. You are allowing an illusion to control how you feel. You believe you need things you don’t need.

Once you realize this, you grow. You get on with your life and focus on what matters.

6. You’re Braver Than You Realise

When I was creating video content, I was taking a leap of faith. I was taking a chance on myself. For the first time in many years I was exposing myself to being vulnerable to attack, judgment, and criticism.

However once I took that leap, I grew in courage. I was ready to take on any negative energy that came my way and transform it into something positive and constructive.

7. Finding Meaning in Things Will Give Meaning to Your Life

As you find yourself encouraged to provide value in your content, you find yourself digging deeper. Looking for patterns and messages that may impact your potential audience. The result is that you do find this meaning. This in turn gives your message purpose and in turn gives you purpose.

8. The Right People Will Connect With You

While your video is openly accessible, most people will ignore it. However life has a funny way of making sure those who need to see it do see it. Those people like it, comment, and share. They highlight themselves to you. Giving you a unique opportunity to connect to those that matter to you.

9. What You Have to Say Matters to Someone You Just Never Know Who

You really have no idea who is going to connect to your videos and how it’s going to impact them.

Something that you may say, which you don’t even realize could have any significance, may, in fact, touch someone and imapct their life.

This has thought me to choose my words, messages and methods carefully. Your words can be more powerful than you will ever imagine.

10. Your Self Belief Will Grow Considerably

Getting yourself to a point where you feel relaxed on the camera will do wonders for your self-confidence. You will begin to see yourself differently. Your own words will sound different. You will talk with more purpose and more intent as you begin to realize so much more about who you are, what you want, and how you want to be.

Guys, this Day Video Journey for SFM Members was one of the best experiences and investments of time and energy in my life. It was a tremendous journey.

I entered one way and came out the other side a different person. I feel more than ever that I am significant, that what I say matters and that I belong to this place and time, in this cosmic journey we call life.

If you want to participate in the 90-day video journey for SFM members, you need to note that it is an exclusive private group. You do need to be signed up for the SFM experience. Here you will learn all about the world of digital marketing, starting an online business, and growing your revenue streams.

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