CUT THE CRAP – The Road to Launch my First YouTube ad – Day 3

CUT THE CRAP – The Road to Launch my First YouTube ad – Day 3

Welcome to the third exciting day of this blog series. Today I worked on refining my YouTube script even further after receiving feedback from my mentor.

First of all who is my Mentor?

My mentor is Ross MacFarlane. He has walked the path I am attempting to walk and has done so rather successfully. Ross is one of the best when it comes to being a successful digital marketer.

His ability to communicate through video is excellent because he’s authentic, clear, and honest.

This is what I am trying to emulate in my first YouTube ad production.

YouTube Ad

What did Ross have to say?

Ross was happy overall with my script, but he encouraged me to shave it down a bit. Well, what he really suggested was for me to be ruthless with it.

In other words, how can I keep my message as concise as possible without losing any of the qualities that make it worth listening to?

Good advice I thought, so I was happy to apply it.

Going Down Memory Lane

I remember being a student of landscape design. This advice was similar to what the students would regularly get in our studio classes.

Scott D. Renwick
Scott D. Renwick – Class of 2010 – Final dissertation project at University of Gloucestershire

After I’d create a design for an AWESOME landscape, the real challenge was shaving back the details and getting rid of anything that was not contributing to the design.

This process of refinement always left me with a better design, which is why I was able to understand that Ross’s advice was sound advice indeed.

It was this attitude as a design student that got me successfully through university and led to me getting an honors degree in landscape architecture at the University of Gloucestershire.

Long story short, I went on to work abroad as a professional landscape architect for almost 3 years in a leading landscape architecture practice in the middle east.

Ross Got it Right

Anyway, I don’t want to get sidetracked. The bottom line is, that I knew what Ross was saying was important.

Not only does it make my creation more effective, but it shows my leads more respect, as I’m going out of my way, not to waste their time with irrelevant or repetitive information.

The cutting back on the script, really helped me tighten up my message and left me feeling more confident with it.

I know confidence will be an important ingredient in my delivery of this script on camera.

Where to Next?

Now that I have a script I’m happy with, it’s time to start brainstorming for the video recording.

I’ve got to think about site settings, mood, tempo, lighting, tone and timing.

All essential ingredients to me launching my first YouTube ad.

See you for day 4 of my journey real soon guys.

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