The Importance of Having a “F*CK it” Attitude When Running a YouTube Ad

The Importance of Having a “F*CK it” Attitude When Running a YouTube Ad

Running a YouTube Ad – After taking the leap and launching my first YouTube ad campaign this is what I learned. I hope you learn something too.

First of all the hardest thing about launching a YouTube campaign is ignoring the self-defeating voice in your head. The one that tells you to be embarrassed and ashamed.

You know the voice, the voice that tells you, everyone, is laughing at you. That voice that tells you you’re going to fail. That’s the one.

I have respect for anyone who is willing to put themselves out there and be vulnerable. Especially if it’s on camera where there is less space to hide.

Letting go of those thoughts was my biggest challenge. In the end, letting go of them just requires a “f*ck it” attitude.

The Bravest People – Running a YouTube Ad

The bravest people are not the strongest. They are the ones who are willing to risk it all to be true to themselves.

When Superman first appeared to the public, people got bored of him very quickly. He was too strong.

He didn’t have any weaknesses. There was no risk for Superman. His endeavors were not a test of courage and so Superman became boring.

A super solution for a super man

The solution was to give Superman weaknesses and that’s how kryptonite was born. Finally, something Superman needs to worry about. Now that’s interesting.

It’s only when Superman revealed his weakness did we decide if he was brave or not.

You can analyze these things to death. I’m sure you could pay people lots of money to help you get over your fears. But nothing beats the “f*ck it” attitude.

It’s fast, reliable, and effective.

The next time you’re feeling embarrassed, fearful, or one of the many other debilitating emotions about trying something apply the “f*ck it” attitude.

Remember those that judge you, just wish they had your guts to be brave enough to try something like this.

My content is not about saying “hey look at me I’m great”, my content is about saying “hey I’m learning because I want to help you”.

I’m willing to make mistakes now, so you don’t have to and you can get started from a much better position.

What else did I learn?

My first leads were coming in at around $30.00 USD per lead. Which is not sustainable and will ensure I operate at a heavy loss.

Knowing this I consulted with my mentor Ross McFarlane, who guided me to best practices and after making the relevant changes and waiting for 24 hours, the cost per lead dropped from $30 USD per lead down to $10 USD per lead.

A significant improvement.

What were the primary changes?

The primary changes were targeting.

The ad remained the same, while I focused my attention on more local groups.

Initially, I was targeting the USA and the UK.

For obvious reasons, such as being generally wealthy countries and being English speaking.

The thing is these countries are so broad and diverse that targeting them is like targeting no one.

I switched my attention to the Republic of Ireland and the UK, making sure to break the UK up into segments.

This allowed the advertising to target much more specifically and significantly decrease the learning time for the ad.

What else changed?

Another key factor was allowing my ads to be shown on content that has profanity.

I want my videos to show up on video channels like Tony Robbins and let’s face it, that man uses an insane amount of bad words.

If I don’t allow profanity then I am preventing my advert from being shown to my target audience.

These key changes allowed me to decrease the cost per lead, however, it was still not enough for running a YouTube Ad

What I’m aiming for is $2 USD per lead.

Redefining my YouTube Script

This has caused me to redefine my YouTube ad script, make it shorter, and with more calls to action throughout the video.

I believe a shorter video with clear instructions at different intervals will lead to a higher conversion rate.

Now that I have redefined my script all that remains is for me to reshoot the ad.

I will of course keep you updated as regards running a YouTube Ad

What do you think will I get my cost per lead down to $2 USD per lead?

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